Month: February 2020

Have you ever wondered in a yoga class, “Am I doing this right?”

Have you ever found yourself in class wondering, “Am I doing this right?”  Do you ever find yourself in class, getting frustrated that you can’t do the poses exactly how they are being taught.   Frustrated, because you don’t want to do the modified version that the teacher has offered?Maybe things don’t feel quite right in certain positions, you are feeling discomfort in particular areas of the body.  Or, perhaps you think you should be feeling mor […]

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11 benefits of going to a Yoga class

As much as I want to champion everyone developing the confidence to start practicing Yoga at home, the other day, I was reminded of how important and beneficial actually going to a class can be.   I was back at my usual, favourite class over in Ashford, and we were doing the usual mixture of evil/fun joint activation and isolation, strength building and mobility.  As I was being led through these sequences, which challenged the brain and the body, I realised […]

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