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I Climbed My First Mountain

If you have seen me over the last couple of weeks or so you won’t have been able to miss me talking about my three day adventure to climb Snowdon.  After a strange and quite intense Spring and Summer of pivoting my business online, working hard, and homeschooling (or more unschooling in our case) I really felt the need to get some adventure, some space and perspective, as well as a healthy dose of outdoors.Since most of my friends have children, it is harder and harder to co-ord […]

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Episode 09 How Sound Therapy Can Support Your Wellbeing with Jo Miller

Following our latest collaboration I thought I would catch up with Jo  from Solasta Sounds to find out more about how Sound Therapy can support our wellbeing.  We have taken our Yoga & Sound sessions online via Zoom for the time being, and were really happy with how well it worked.​You can join us for our next event on Saturday 23rd May 4-6pm.  ​Head over to Jo’s website to book your spot […]

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Episode 05 Creative Writing as Self Care with Kerry Ryan, Write Like A Grrrl

Taking Kerry’s creative writing course was a big step for me. I hadn’t written ANYTHING since school and had lived with the internal notion that I was not a “creative” person.  I have this hunch that not having a creative outlet can have a negative impact on our mental health. Or to put it another way, exploring creativity supports our overall wellbeing.  The biggest block and misconception that myself, and most people have is that in order to do something creative, you shoul […]

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