Calmer You

4 Month Trauma-Informed Coaching Programme


Does this sound familiar?

You find yourself over-reacting when something seemingly mundane happens.

You experience intense physical and emotional response.

You have tried talking therapies and read all the books out there, but you still can’t seem to manage your reactions and the way that you feel.

You are perpetually busy and find it hard to relax.

Your mind won't rest.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can learn to access the relaxed, calm, present and connected nervous system state.

You can re-learn how to feel this way, and learn how to shift out of the stress response as we notice it happening.

You can begin to map our nervous system state, noticing what causes us to perceive danger.

And with all of this learning you can create an action plan that will help us to feel calm, safe, relaxed, present and connected more of the time.

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The Calmer You Programme is an opportunity to work with me 1:1 to learn these techniques and create your own action plan and tool kit so that you can meet the challenges that arise in life with more ease.

The No. 1 thing that I want you to know is that you have the capacity to regulate your nervous system

You can feel more relaxed and laugh more.

You can connect and be present with your family.

You can feel more confident at work.

You can feel calmer

taking time for yourself

What you will learn.

From a trauma informed approach, self-care is an important part of the work that we need to do to regulate the nervous system and practice feeling safe. Self care is an important part of the healing process.

We can map the nervous system, building awareness of what causes us to shift into a stress response but we then need to “do the work” to practise shifting back into a state where we feel calm, safe, present and connected as appropriate. 

That “work” is the process of reparenting ourselves, literally treating ourself like a loved one – taking care of our self, showing compassion for our self. We can do that through regular, simple acts of self care. 

We can identify those things that help us to feel safe, relaxed and calm and start to build them into our daily lives.

These are the very simple and seemingly mundane actions that reinforce the belief that we are safe and worthy.

The seemingly simple and small actions of self care, when practised regularly, compound to have a powerful effect over time that cannot be discounted as an essential part of the healing process.

Self Care = Cues of Safety + Empowering = Healing

Calmer You is an 8 module, 1:1 coaching programme where we work together to map your nervous system and come up with a personalised action plan for the actions of self care that will make you feel safe, calm, present and connected as well as increasing your sense of self worth. 

We will shine a light on any barriers that might be holding you back from doing the things that you know support your wellbeing. 

Self Care is an important part of the healing process – if you need support to start doing the things that you KNOW make you feel better, then this is the programme for you.

In this 8 module,  trauma informed, personalised coaching programme for a calmer you I will guide you through the following:

The 8 Modules

Nervous system mapping to build up awareness of your reactions to stress.

Self navigation to recognise the protective behaviours that are no longer be serving us

Intention setting to get clear on what you want and how you want to feel

Visualisation to connect with the creative subconscious

Learning how to hack your habits to make them easier

Learn tools to support your sleep and relaxation

Learn tools to support nervous system flexibility and vagal tone

Bringing all the learning together to create an action plan to move forward as your authentic self.

What you will get.

8 x 1 hr 15min coaching sessions that will build on the work that you ave started today and teach you practical tools to regulate your nervous system. - Value £792

4 months access to my membership with live Yoga, embodiment, breath-work, meditation and relaxation sessions that will support the techniques and theories that you will learn in the coaching sessions. - Value £120

Present + Connected Breathwork + Meditation Course - Value £49




£180 per month

Over 4 months

“The calmer you - 8 week 1:1 Trauma informed coaching programme with Frances has been the most amazing life changing experience.  Just 8 sessions has truly changed my life already and I know it will continue, I already feel a calmer, happier, more confident and positive person. I am excited for my future plans! I am loving the person I am becoming - my true authentic self! "

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Frequently Asked Questions


When and where are the sessions held?

We will arrange a weekly slot that suits you.  I will hold that slot for you for the 4 months of the programme.

When does the programme start and finish?

The programme begins when you sign up.  You will be given access to the bonuses and we will book in your first session.  You need to take all 8 sessions within 4 months of booking the course.

How Much is the Course

Investment of £560 or 4 instalments of £160, including all bonuses.


Meet Frances...

Frances is a Mum of three – a teenage boy who loves guitars and twin girls who couldn’t be more different. Having worked for over 10 years in the Fashion Industry in a stressful, high-pressure role as an Operations Manager she finally got sick of spinning all the plates.  She never got to see her kids, her marriage was falling apart and she was unfulfilled and undervalued.

Physically exhausted, with no idea of how to escape the rat race, it took a health scare to make her drastically re-evaluate her priorities.  She quit her job almost straight away and committed to living in a way that made the most of what she really cared about.  She began to build a career around the life she wanted to lead – spending time with her children, with more energy, and less stress.

It was during this difficult time that she re-discovered Yoga and really began to feel the benefits of regular practice.  Of slowing down, of re-prioritising her health and wellbeing.

She re-trained as a Yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist to be able to help others to re-evaluate their priorities in life, and to create habits to support a healthy and happy life.

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