Episode 22 Yoga Physics – An Ethical and Sustainable Approach with Alexandria Crow

Alexandria Crow joins me in in a frank and open discussion about how Yoga can be approached in a way that is more ethical and sustainable.

The discussion raises the following:

-How can we free ourselves from the constraints of the modern traditional pose technique.

-How we can move away from how we teach the Yoga to what we are teaching.

-How this translates into a Yoga class setting in a way that is accessible and inclusive to everyone.

-How we can address the difficult issues of pain, injury and power dynamics in the context of a Yoga class.

Alex shares her journey to developing this approach, involving her own experience of hypermobility and injury as a Yoga practitioner and teacher.

Alex has a three day, online workshop coming up on 6th Dec, in partnership with TriYoga London focusing on Hypermobility in the context of a Yoga class.

Find out more about her trainings and workshops here

Yoga Physics



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