The Happy Healthy Weekend Retreat

From Chaos to Calm in just 2 days.

Are you feeling...


Like everything is moving too fast

Like you just need to press pause for a moment and catch your breath

How would it feel..

To take time for you?

To relax deeply?

To shake off the tension and worry that you have been holding for so long?

Join me for this 2 day retreat dedicated to replenishing your energy and building your reserves.

I will teach you techniques to manage stress, reconnect with your body and find joy in the present moment.

Imagine leaving, glowing, with a smile on your face, completely rejuvinated.

Learn to love and live peacefully in your skin.


What you can expect...

4 varied session per day

Vegan Lunch

Teas, Coffees and Healthy Treats




Deep Relaxation

Plenty of space to just be

Breaks to chat, sip tea or walk in the fresh air

Quiet time for yourself

How I moved from chaos to calm...


I came to Yoga teaching from a major shift in my life.

I had been working in London since leaving university, and with 3 kids was commuting to the city from our seaside town 4 days a week.

It was really taking its toll.

The house was chaos, my marriage was falling apart, and the kids were shunted from different nannies to grandparents.  And I was a wreck.  Totally stressed out.  Working my arse off but never quite making enough money to cover everything.  I drank too much and craved escapism.

Connecting with the children in a meaningful way was almost impossible as I was so stressed out and irritable.  Life was a blur.

And then I had a health scare.

I had to have a lump checked and then when it didn’t go away, I was referred for a biopsy.  In that moment I was shocked into re-assessing everything.  I was petrified, I didn’t cope with stress well and catastrophised at the best of times.  I got straight onto the phone with my Mum and she said “Frances, whatever it is, you have to change something.  You have been running around like a mad woman for years!”

I was lucky that my results came back and everything was fine.  I’m well aware that many people don’t have it so easy.

Yoga was such a huge support during that time I was drawn to share it with others.

I am fascinated with the power and simplicity that Yoga offers.

Not just the poses, but the practices like meditation, relaxation, intention, gratitude, kindness.  Practices that we now know are scientifically proved to be good for our health and make us feel better.

I create these relaxing retreats to share everything that I have learnt and implemented to live peacefully in my skin. 

“I know my confidence and esteem raised off the chart after I spent some time with Frances. She taught me new ways of loving and living peacefully in my own skin".

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book?

New dates are posted on the shop section of the website.  You can book your spot there.

Where are the retreats held?

The weekend retreats are held at The Burlington Hotel in Folkestone.

Do I have to stay over?

No!  You can come along for just the days.  Accommodation is optional and extra.  I can direct you to a range of different options for all budgets.

How Much is the Retreat

£160 for all 8 sessions plus lunch, and refreshments each day.

Can I come just for the day?

Yes, Day Tickets may be available on request.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, contact me to arrange.



Meet Frances...

Frances is a Mum of three – a teenage boy who loves guitars and twin girls who couldn’t be more different. Having worked for over 10 years in the Fashion Industry in a stressful, high-pressure role as an Operations Manager she finally got sick of spinning all the plates.  She never got to see her kids, her marriage was falling apart and she was unfulfilled and undervalued.

Physically exhausted, with no idea of how to escape the rat race, it took a health scare to make her drastically re-evaluate her priorities.  She quit her job almost straight away and committed to living in a way that made the most of what she really cared about.  She began to build a career around the life she wanted to lead – spending time with her children, with more energy, and less stress.

It was during this difficult time that she re-discovered Yoga and really began to feel the benefits of regular practice.  Of slowing down, of re-prioritising her health and wellbeing.

She re-trained as a Yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist to be able to help others to re-evaluate their priorities in life, and to create habits to support a healthy and happy life.

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