The Yoga Incubator

6 weeks to feel more comfortable, more confident and more able to move freely in a Yoga class.

This is a private invite to access this intimate, interactive programme.

Whether you have no experience of Yoga at all or you have tried a class and been put off because it was painful or uncomfortable or you are enjoying some parts of the classes but struggling with others, I can help you.

Working with 1:1 clients suffering with chronic pain and discomfort I have come up with a method for helping them to access the benefits of Yoga.  This programme will bridge the gap between needing my help 1:1 and being able to join in with a group Yoga session.

Addressing the barriers and challenges that prevent you from enjoying the benefits of a Yoga class.

Working on the mindset required to approach a Yoga class with compassion and kindness for yourself

Learning to meet yourself exactly where you are on your Yoga journey

Somatic tracking to help manage pain

Breaking down the fundamental movements that you will come across in most Yoga classes

Harnessing the power of relaxation

Support, accountability and tracking progress with journalling

A community of people in exactly the same position as you.

“After years of chronic pain and feeling lost in my own body you have helped me to start breaking down barriers and taught me how to trust and understand my body again. "

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This is for you if:

You are committed to supporting your mental and physical wellbeing. You are going to need to turn up to the sessions to benefit from them. This is an interactive program so you will need to be willing to show up and be an active and supportive member of the group.

You want to feel good. You want to move more than you are right now. You are open to making changes and taking on new learning.

You want to grow - this is called an incubator for a reason, it is a space for focussed attention on your growth with the intention of getting you to a place where you feel ready to attend a weekly Yoga class.

You have had any health concerns or pain checked out by a doctor.

This program is designed to bridge the gap between individualised 1:1 coaching and support and being able to access a weekly yoga session.

I will be on hand to support, motivate and answer questions as you progress through the incubator.  

Securing your order today will see you get:

Access to 6 x live zoom sessions - a small intimate, interactive group setting. This means cameras on so I can give you feedback on movements.

A community of peers to support you.

Free access to my Happy Health Yoga membership for 6 weeks.

Accountability - I will send you regular activities to support your success.

More access to me - it can be hard to speak up in a group class setting and ask questions. This programme is designed for you to ask questions, to feedback, to share your experiences. I will be using all of the tools that I share with my 1:1 clients to help you achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions


When and where are the sessions held?

Online via zoom every Tuesday at 7pm

How Much is the Course

Investment of £129

Happy Healthy Members get a reduction of £30


Meet Frances...

Frances is a Mum of three – a teenage boy who loves guitars and twin girls who couldn’t be more different. Having worked for over 10 years in the Fashion Industry in a stressful, high-pressure role as an Operations Manager she finally got sick of spinning all the plates.  She never got to see her kids, her marriage was falling apart and she was unfulfilled and undervalued.

Physically exhausted, with no idea of how to escape the rat race, it took a health scare to make her drastically re-evaluate her priorities.  She quit her job almost straight away and committed to living in a way that made the most of what she really cared about.  She began to build a career around the life she wanted to lead – spending time with her children, with more energy, and less stress.

It was during this difficult time that she re-discovered Yoga and really began to feel the benefits of regular practice.  Of slowing down, of re-prioritising her health and wellbeing.

She re-trained as a Yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist to be able to help others to re-evaluate their priorities in life, and to create habits to support a healthy and happy life.

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