Sacred Cacao Ceremony in the Woods

I have always been a bit sceptical when it comes to cacao ceremonies.  Surely it’s just a bit of posh hot chocolate?
But my good friend Kelly had been to a retreat in the woods and had an amazing experience of one so when she invited me to go along with her I couldn’t resist.  
I’ve said it before, but it’s funny how things come along for you just when you need it.  When we reached the woodland I knew that this was going to be something special.  A small encampment nestled within the pine trees, with an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit.  We were shown where the ceremony would be held, in a cosy safari tent strewn with beds, beanbags, blankets and cushions. 
Helen was our host, a shamanic healer, she took us through the making of the cacao and explained just why it was more than posh hot chocolate or chocolate, but not as you know it.  Stirring away at the bubbling pan she explained how when the cacao is processed and heat treated it kills off all of the nutriants which make it so good for us.  
We headed over for the ceremony with the hot cacao and our mugs. Inside the cosy tent we got tucked up in our beds, and set our intention.  Helen was going to guide us on a journey in which we would ask for guidance.
We drank the warm, soothing and bitter cacao drink as Helen began to beat her drum and chant, calling in spirits to guide us on our journey.  As I finished my drink I was able to look out through a window in the tent, just in front of me to the trees outside and I felt totally content as I shut my eyes and began to listen.
I recognised parts of the journey as having similarities with some of the hypnotherapy techniques that I use, but this ceremony brought in an element of ritual which felt really powerful and moving.  It felt like something primal and ancient, like a way of getting back to our roots and nature.
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