I Climbed My First Mountain

If you have seen me over the last couple of weeks or so you won’t have been able to miss me talking about my three day adventure to climb Snowdon.  After a strange and quite intense Spring and Summer of pivoting my business online, working hard, and homeschooling (or more unschooling in our case) I really felt the need to get some adventure, some space and perspective, as well as a healthy dose of outdoors.Since most of my friends have children, it is harder and harder to co-ord […]

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Change Your Money Mindset

This has been difficult to write, I am so close to holding back because I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, or to judge me.  But that is me, and my ego trying to pre-empt all of your reactions and that is not my business.  What I want to do is share my experience because I think it might be useful to others. It may not be useful to all of you, but I hope that this reaches someone who needs to hear it. I’ve had a block for a while about charg […]

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Episode 04 Finding Your Authentic Voice with Sarah Thurstan

Do you find it hard to speak? To find your voice?I used to HATE speaking up, it was so so hard. My body would not comply, shaking, stuttering, red face, not clear on my own thoughts.Without realising, practicing yoga helped me with this. I learned to relax my body and use my breath.Yoga has helped me to accept who I am, to understand more clearly what I really believe.Did you catch my chat with Sarah Thurstan last week over in Facebook? Sarah has written a book called Personal Presence co […]

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