Thanks For Signing Up!


I'm so pleased that you will be joining me on Thursday 9th May at 7.45pm for a deeply Calming + Grounding Yoga session.

Here is the zoom link to join

Take a look at what some of my members (people just like you) have said about the membership.

They too had doubts about whether they would be able to do the classes, whether they would be ‘good enough ‘ and worried that everyone else would know exactly what they were doing.

But they took the leap of faith, got started and felt the benefits.

"Clear instructions, breaking poses down, gentle encouragement and reassurance, relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere, great teaching."

"I realised that less is more, you don't need to push everything to the limit. I could feel the benefit mentally as well as physically."

"I love the way you teach us how to move our bodies, give us different options on movement. I feel more connected and calmer when moving."

"You made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away, there was no pressure to do anything, you explained everything clearly making sure I was comfortable with each movement and if I wasn't you always have an alternative way of doing something."