Think You Cant Do Yoga?

I am coming to realise that I am the Yoga teacher for people who think that they can’t do yoga.

Think is the key word here because of course, anyone CAN do Yoga. The problem is that Yoga is so misrepresented that many people believe that it is just not for them.  Even if they are drawn to it’s benefits in some way.  They have been made to feel like they would not be able to do it.  They feel it is not for them.

Maybe they have a physical barrier or challenge that they feel restricts them from Yoga.  Or they are simply intimidated by the images that they have seen of generally slim, white, able-bodied women contorting themselves into positions which look slightly ridiculous.

Maybe this is you, or maybe you know someone like this?

I find this SO frustrating.  Because Yoga is not about that at all.  It is so much more and can be so different from how it is portrayed.

I have helped a number of clients with all sorts of challenges to access the benefits of Yoga. 

To feel the benefits of practicing…
-gentle movement
-breathing techniques

To feel less stiff
To feel more positive
To manage stress

If this is you I would love to talk to you!  I am offering a few spaces for  a FREE online mini 1:1 session where we can discuss your needs, and how Yoga can work for you.  You will leave the session with simple tools that you will able to take away with you and use at home.

Email me at to book in your session now, I would love to hear from you!

With Love



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