So you think you can’t do Yoga?

Can't do yoga

Maybe you have heard or seen a bit about Yoga and for some reason it calls to you. But for one reason or another you feel like you just can’t do it!

You’ve heard all about the benefits – the calm, the stretching, how it makes you fitter and healthier. And then you try a class and you are shocked. The simple stretches don’t feel simple at all. In fact, they hurt! And rather than feeling calm at the end of the class when you lie down to relax you find that your mind is screaming at you. There are so many other more important things you could be doing right now rather than this!

You might even find yourself getting really angry with the teacher for putting you through this ordeal. The lower back or shoulder pain that drove you to take the yoga class feels worse rather than better. So perhaps you decide that Yoga isn’t for you after all. You cross it off your list of things to try to help you manage stress or discomfort.

The secret is that Yoga really isn’t about the poses at all. The poses are simply a means to an end. The practice of Yoga is the practice of finding a calm and peaceful mind. The movements that we practice in class are there to guide us to become more aware of our bodies, of sensation, of their potential. Then we can become aware of our thoughts. If this is the process of Yoga, then we can approach it gently and with kindness.

If this is the case, and it doesn’t matter what the poses look like then why do we have to follow set ideas and traditions that perhaps no longer serve our bodies in a healthy way? Perhaps we can give ourselves permission to move in a way that feels good, and comfortable? That doesn’t mean it is always easy. There is resistance and progressive strengthening. We notice our bodies and their capabilities with curiosity. No need to push into pain.

There is another way.

  • Accessible classes that give you the time and space to explore movement in a way that is right for you and your body.
  • Lots of options at a slow pace.
  • Plenty of moments to pause and observe the effects of the movement on the body and the mind.
  • Simple techniques to manage stress.
  • Strengthen the body progressively without pain.
  • Consider the why behind the movements we practice.
  • Find joy in the present moment and in play.

I am coming to realise that I am the Yoga teacher for people who think that they can’t do yoga.

Think is the key word here because of course, anyone CAN do Yoga. The problem is that Yoga is so misrepresented that many people believe that it is just not for them.  Even if they are drawn to it’s benefits in some way.  They have been made to feel like they would not be able to do it.  They feel it is not for them.

Maybe they have a physical barrier or challenge that they feel restricts them from Yoga.  Or they are simply intimidated by the images that they have seen of generally slim, white, able-bodied women contorting themselves into positions which look slightly ridiculous.

Maybe this is you, or maybe you know someone like this?

I find this SO frustrating.  Because Yoga is not about that at all.  It is so much more and can be so different from how it is portrayed.

I have helped a number of clients with all sorts of challenges to access the benefits of Yoga. 

To feel the benefits of practicing…
-gentle movement
-breathing techniques

To feel less stiff
To feel more positive
To manage stress

If this is you I would love to talk to you!  Get in touch to book a call where we can discuss your needs, and how Yoga can work for you.  

I would love to hear from you!

With Love



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