Why Yoga?

A while ago I got the most amazing feedback from a student at the end of class.  It completely overwhelmed me.  She said how much she appreciated the time that must be put into each class. That every week the class was different and felt really thought out.  
I walked away from the class totally blown away.  

It’s funny because what usually goes through my mind before and during classes is, “Did I do alright?  Did I do enough?”  

It was so, so lovely to be reminded that I do put loads of work into each class.  It just doesn’t necessarily feel like work to me.  

I think about Yoga a lot.  You could say obsessively.  I read about it constantly, I watch videos about it, I do training and go to classes.  I practice at home.  I vary the movement I do to support the Yoga, with cardio, and strength training.  

I love the philosophy of Yoga, all the elements, beyond just the physical practice.  I use the guidelines laid out in the Yoga Sutras to help me to live a balanced, peaceful, and happy life.  

Yoga pretty much runs through everything I do.  

So I’m really pleased that this comes across.  That this is useful to you.  That is my aim.  To offer something of use.  

Because you don’t have to spend as much time as me thinking about it to be able to benefit from the wonderful tools that this practice brings us.  

Simple tools that anyone can use to live more at ease, both physically and mentally.  Movement, stillness, breath, relaxation, all powerful tools for managing stress.  All free.  No fancy kit required.  And if you can’t get to class that’s OK too, there are many resources out there.  

I am currently finalising my first online course which is made up of 3 yoga videos, each around 20 mins long, along with a guided meditation and relaxation and some daily journaling exercises that I have found really useful.  

I’ve consolidated everything that I use in my Twilight Retreats and Happy Healthy Programme into one easy to use and follow resource.  The course will cost £12 and you will have all of those resources to keep and re-use over and over again in the comfort of your own home (and no need for babysitters).  

I’d love to hear if this is something that would be useful for you?

And if you are keen to get to a class here is my schedule.

Or you can book me for a 1:1 session and I can teach you how to practice these tools at home.

In a mediation class I went to last week I was struck by something the teacher said which is so simple and encapsulates the Why behind Yoga for me, 

“Authentic Happiness Depends Upon a Peaceful Mind”.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy week ahead.


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