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A kind & gentle approach



  • Accessible classes that give you the time and space to explore movement in a way that is right for you and your body.
  • Lots of options at a slow pace.
  • Plenty of moments to pause and observe the effects of the movement on the body and the mind.
  • Strengthen the body progressively without pain.
  • Consider the why behind the movements we practice.
  • Find joy in the present moment and in play.


  • Simple Techniques
  • Breath-work
  • Build resilience
  • Learn the art of relaxation
  • Journalling Exercises
  • A non-dogmatic approach

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"I was a little apprehensive in joining a yoga class but practising with Frances is just lovely. She teaches with confidence and kindness and I always feel calmer and more balanced afterwards."

– Rebekah Lamplough –

“As a busy mum with not much time away from the kids, these classes really clear my mind and recharge me for the week ahead. I have also noticed an improvement in my health since going.”

– Sapphire Brett –

“I hadn't practiced for some years but feel very looked after in the group, I'm beginning to remember and I'm loving it. The relaxation after the session is amazing, I come away feeling recharged and ready to face the week.”

– Liza Aitkin –

“I had wanted to try yoga for years but the fear of being a complete novice unable to keep up with a class or struggling with the movements always scared me off. Frances made me feel at ease straight away and everything was easy to follow.”

– Phoenix Harfield –

“I have been going to Frances’ yoga for a few years now. She is a brilliant teacher, my body and mind always feel connected after every class.”

– Kelly Hyslop –


Hey, I'm Frances

I have a vision of a space where Yoga can be shared in a simple and accessible way.  Free of jargon and dogma.  A place where someone who may have been intimidated by the idea of a Yoga class would feel comfortable.

My experience and belief is that if you focus on supporting your happiness and your health then everything else will follow.

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