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"I was a little apprehensive in joining a yoga class but practising with Frances is just lovely. She teaches with confidence and kindness and I always feel calmer and more balanced afterwards."

– Rebekah Lamplough –

“As a busy mum with not much time away from the kids, these classes really clear my mind and recharge me for the week ahead. I have also noticed an improvement in my health since going.”

– Sapphire Brett –

“I hadn't practiced for some years but feel very looked after in the group, I'm beginning to remember and I'm loving it. The relaxation after the session is amazing, I come away feeling recharged and ready to face the week.”

– Liza Aitkin –

“I had wanted to try yoga for years but the fear of being a complete novice unable to keep up with a class or struggling with the movements always scared me off. Frances made me feel at ease straight away and everything was easy to follow.”

– Phoenix Harfield –

“I have been going to Frances’ yoga for a few years now. She is a brilliant teacher, my body and mind always feel connected after every class.”

– Kelly Hyslop –

Move With Ease

  • Accessible classes that give you the time and space to explore movement in a way that is right for you and your body
  • Lots of options at a slow pace
  • Plenty of moments to pause and observe the effects of the movement on the body and the mind
  • Simple techniques to manage stress.
  • Strengthen the body progressively without pain.
  • Consider the why behind the movements we practice.
  • Find joy in the present moment and in play.

Make Meditation a habit...

“Scientists have found that after you have been meditating for 20 mins or so you start to function in the right brain rather than the left brain mode, or to use plain language, you stop being so active and goal driven and become more peaceful, more grounded, less full of thoughts and at the same time more open to your intuition, your feelings, your creativity, your natural joy – more in touch with the deeper parts of your being.”
I Met A Monk by Rose Elliot
Free Yoga Class

Movement, Meditation + Mindset.

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist so you’ll find that some of the work that I do involves mindset, and I am so interested in in how we can positively change the way that we think and how that can then impact our physical well-being.

There is enormous power in relaxation. The body runs and processes in the most optimum way when it’s in a relaxed state. But we’ve lost the ability to be still, to pause, to do nothing. We constantly feel like we need to be productive and efficient. And if we’re not doing something productive, then where is our worth? It’s something that I come across, over and over again in the way people speak, and the way that I notice I speak to myself.

This feeds into a busy mindset - the idea that we have to be busy all the time leads to overwhelm and stress. So I’m really interested in helping people to reverse that mindset, to realise that you are worthy just as you are. There’s nothing to fix. It’s not about fixing ourselves, it is about supporting ourselves as best we can.

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