A collective Pattern Interrupt – why now is a great time to consider whether your habits are serving you.

This last few weeks has been a rollercoaster, right.  Emotions swinging all over the place.   One minute, anxiety and fear from the threat of this new illness which is tragically claiming the lives of so many. Unease about financial stability.  Bombarded with messages from the media, all with their own agenda, trying to sift through and find some truth to stay informed.   The next elation, enormous gratitude and heart-warming happiness at having […]

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fear of heights

My story: Conquering my fear of heights

​I developed my fear of heights around my late teens.  My Dad had mentioned that he was scared of heights around this time, which was a new thing that had developed with age for him.  My fear manifested anywhere that there was a large drop, but also in places that were high up and otherwise safe.  I had an embarrassing family trip on the London Eye where I became paralysed with fear for the whole duration of the experience and wasn’t able to talk or move for the […]

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