Episode 05 Creative Writing as Self Care with Kerry Ryan, Write Like A Grrrl

Taking Kerry’s creative writing course was a big step for me. I hadn’t written ANYTHING since school and had lived with the internal notion that I was not a “creative” person.  I have this hunch that not having a creative outlet can have a negative impact on our mental health. Or to put it another way, exploring creativity supports our overall wellbeing.  The biggest block and misconception that myself, and most people have is that in order to do something creative, you shoul […]

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Change Your Money Mindset

This has been difficult to write, I am so close to holding back because I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, or to judge me.  But that is me, and my ego trying to pre-empt all of your reactions and that is not my business.  What I want to do is share my experience because I think it might be useful to others. It may not be useful to all of you, but I hope that this reaches someone who needs to hear it. I’ve had a block for a while about charg […]

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Beat Festive Stress

How to beat festive stress

This is how my Christmas’s used to go… Try to ignore that it’s happening.   Can’t ignore it as I’ve now got kids so from Dec 1st we are in full swing Chirstmas mode with advent calendars, tree and decorations.  Thank goodness I never heard about the Elf on the Shelf until I realised what hard work it would be. Try to ignore it some more. Worry about money – look at the list to buy for and crumple.  &nbs […]

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