Welcome To Happy Healthy Yoga

Hi, for any new followers I thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Frances, and I’m a Yoga teacher and hypnotherapist interested in the power of movement, meditation and mindset.  I can help you to create healthy habits – I created an online course for that very reason!  Foundations for a home yoga practice has everything that you need to make Yoga a habit.  -3 videos to follow, giving you a frame work for a home yoga practice – suitable for all levels-Meditatio […]

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What is the core anyway? Becoming aware of the centre of your being.

Which parts of the body are we using in these poses that we are doing? How does it feel when we move the body in different ways? This week we are taking time to notice, movement, breath and the effects that these movements have on the body. Opening up enquiry. What’s happening, why are we doing this? Observing the sensations and thoughts that arise without judgement or expectation. Learning to listen. We were actually doing quite a lot of core work again this week, but I really wanted to […]

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