Practice Feeling The Way That You Want To Feel

When we are in a high stress state we just dont feel like we have the time for self-care.

We look for quick fixes outside of our self to help us to cope.

Eating comfort food
Drinking to release stress
Focussing on anyone else’s problems rather than our own
Vegging out in front of the TV

The actual solution to this feeling of overwhelm, feeling frazzled, being busy all the time is down-regulation, or in more simple terms relaxation. 

Sounds too simple right!? 

And it is simple, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy. Even the word relaxation itself might bring up a bit of resistance for you.

Relaxation is really a process and we can use a number of different tools to help us to access it. 

Tools like movement, breathwork, meditation, as well as simple daily routines to support our nervous systems to feel safe.

And this is where I can help you – I have a tool box full of different ways that we can support ourselves to be feel more relaxed and I will be sharing these with you over in my Facebook group. 

5 days and 5 short sessions to support your self care.

If you haven’t already simply head over and join the group and I will be LIVE every day from 22nd -26th November.

And there will be a prize for the most engaged member! 

Get involved, attend the sessions and comment on the posts to let me know your have done it as well as supporting the other group members and you will be in with a chance to come along to one of my 2022 retreats for FREE!

Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

With Love



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