What is the core anyway? Becoming aware of the centre of your being.

Which parts of the body are we using in these poses that we are doing?

How does it feel when we move the body in different ways?

This week we are taking time to notice, movement, breath and the effects that these movements have on the body. Opening up enquiry. What’s happening, why are we doing this? Observing the sensations and thoughts that arise without judgement or expectation. Learning to listen.

We were actually doing quite a lot of core work again this week, but I really wanted to explore what that means without it just being all about the abs.

Why do we care so much about our core, really? We aren’t in a Yoga class to get a 6 pack are we? Toning might be a nice side effect of the work we do in class but what are we really trying to achieve?

I don’t know the answer for sure, but I will share my thoughts, I think we are trying to develop a deep inner strength and resilience that goes beyond simply muscle. By becoming aware of our core, our centre, physically and energetically we are stronger, more stable, balanced, we can move more freely with confidence and ease.

We can connect with an inner sense of power that can help to motivate and drive us in the direction that we want to go. If you really want a 6 pack there are a million classes and tutorials out there. There must be a reason that Yoga is more than that. More than the physical.

I would love to hear your thoughts?  Why do you choose Yoga over a fitness class?

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