Working through the “being busy” programme – exercise 1

I’ve just been doing a really interesting journalling exercise – I’ve been imagining that money is no object, that I am living in a dream house, which needs no work doing on it. Even the garden is perfect. So I have everything I need, and if I didn’t want to work, I wouldn’t have to, so I asked myself, how would I spend my time? And I got really specific, like right down to the hours per day.

And, do you know what, it doesn’t look that different from the ways that my days go right now. I know, that if money were no object, I would still share the practices that I do now, because I love it

I might take the pressure off myself a bit.

But maybe I could do that anyway

So this is what I do, I teach what I know about Yoga, about moving, about stillness, about rest. About how the tools we have at our disposal to make this one life of ours a joyful journey with all its ups and downs.

You can find me at class, online 4 times a week, or you can book in some 1:1 time with me. Or you can head over to the website and take a look at some of the free resources I have posted.

How about you? How would you spend your days if money were no object? If you were free from worry about money.

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