Feeling Stressed Out?

I’ve got an idea of how your day goes, and its got you feeling stressed out!
As soon as you get into work you hit the ground running and start smashing through your to-do list.  Before you know it its lunchtime but you don’t have time to eat.  Perhaps you send someone to get lunch for you to eat at your desk.  Something easy that you can wolf down quickly while you carry on working at your computer.  By this point you’ve pretty much been sitting in the same position for the last 5 hours, bar a couple of quick sprints to the printer.  

But you are flying, the adrenalin is pumping, this is how you work best.  And then an email lands like a bombshell, someone questioning your work, why things have been done a certain way, or not and suddenly your stomach lurches.  You feel a sick cold creeping dread.  You freeze. You must not be seen as incompetent. You must not be seen to fail.  You rack your brains pedalling furiously back through your work to check that the mistake is not yours.  Please let someone else be to blame.

Thankfully, this time, you realise that it’s OK, it was someone else who dropped the ball, and not you, this time.  Time for a coffee, although by now your nerves are jangling already but you need to push through till the end of the day.  After a chat at the kitchen about the latest updates from the latest celebrity reality tv show you put your head down and continue to smash through the work pile.

By 5 your mind starts to wander and you wonder whether anyone fancies going for a drink after work. You need it today.  Hit the pub straight out of work and settle in for a.couple of hours and a few glasses of wine.  The boss is buying and keeps ordering you large glasses so by the time you start the long commute home you realise you are already pretty drunk. Might as well get a drink for the train home as well then, along with grabbing something to eat as you are starving. You spend the train ride spinning mindlessly through Facebook and Instagram looking at pictures of holidays, and festivals and far away places.  Dreaming about how you might be able to escape this relentless cycle.  

By the time you get home there is nothing for it but to slump in front of the TV.  Watching something that requires no thought, something soothing that you can zone out and fall asleep to.  A fitful night’s sleep.  Semi-conscious, anxiously scrolling through your to do list for tomorrow.  Until the alarm goes off.  To get up and start it all again.  Dog tired and queasy.

Heading back in to do battle.  Ready to negotiate.  To win at this game.  Get in with the right people. Stay away from the wrong ones.  Put on your armour and head back in there, because you can do this, right?  Does this sound familiar?  No wonder you are feeling stressed out!

Do you wish you could:
Sleep better
Feel calmer
Have more energy
Figure out what it is that you really want and how to get it

If so, I would love to hear from you.  

There are tools and techniques that I can share with you to manage the stress you feel, to become clear on your goals and how to achieve them.  

You can work with me 1:1 to learn how to manage extreme stress, and create new habits to support your health and wellbeing.  

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