How to stop feeling busy all the time.

stop Being Busy

I used to feel busy all of the time. During the last 2 years I have been sharing my story of transition from a place of chaos to a place of inner calm and many of you have told me how much it has resonated with you.

I am not a naturally calm person, I have learned ways to regulate my reactions and behaviour.

So many of you have reached out to tell me that you feel the way that I used to feel – overwhelmed, stuck, disconnected, exhausted. No energy or time to do the things that I wanted to do.

“BEING BUSY” is a feeling, and it was one that I recognised that was programmed in. Because it even started to creep back in after I changed my job. Even after I became a Yoga teacher, to slow down and spend more time with my kids – the feeling crept back in.

Because we can always fill our time with more jobs to do. So we have to tackle the feeling and the reason that we feel we need to be busy all of the time.

Because we dont feel good enough
Because we feel we should be pulling our weight more
Because we feel we need more money
Because we feel that everyone else is

We are ultimately looking for validation from outside of ourselves to prove our self worth. The problem is that it is never going to work if we dont believe that we are worthy.

It doesn’t matter how much we achieve and how much praise we get for it, if we dont believe that we are worthy then we will still be dissatisfied.

We send powerful messages to our self with our actions. So if we are too busy to take time to take care of ourselves, this reinforces the belief that we are unworthy. We are not worthy of the small amount of time that it takes to cook a healthy meal, or take a walk in the fresh air, or take time to rest.

How do we stop being busy?

We improve our sense of self worth by taking small actions of care and compassion.

We take care of our body and our mind, in the same way that you would care for someone you love – no more and no less.

We take time to move in some way
We take time to cultivate a sense a calm with simple meditation techniques
We take time to prepare healthy food for ourselves
We take time to consciously relax and build healthy sleep patterns
We take time to cultivate positive thought habits – gratitude, kindness and joy

And in this way we start to feel more relaxed, more calm, more focussed, more content. We have more energy and are able to start doing the things that bring us joy.

If you want help and support to stop feeling busy and start to feel Calmer then get in touch to find out about my Calmer You trauma-informed coaching programme x

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