Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace doesn’t always need to be a Yoga class

When it comes to wellbeing in the workplace, a lunchtime Yoga class is great but may not be suitable for everyone or practical time wise, or get the buy-in required for it to be effective – ultimately…you can’t force people to want to do Yoga it would be counter-productive.

Instead, what we can do is look to the Yoga tradition for tools which have been proven to support our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Tools which support our capacity to face challenges –

Tools such as –

Physical Activity
Mindset Practices
Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

The benefits of investing in wellbeing in the workplace

Studies on such interventions in the workplace have showed –

Improved fitness
Increased job satisfaction
Lower absenteeism

I run sessions for enterprises, sharing practical wellbeing techniques to support their staff and service users.

So how can we bring these techniques into the working environment in a way that is practical, manageable and effective?

  • Training on accessible movement techniques which are suitable for those who might be suffering with chronic pain, arthritis, or injuries.
  • Training on techniques which can be used daily in the workplace
  • Access to a range of inclusive sessions to suit all abilities (autonomy and choice)
  • Training on creating habits to support wellbeing across these areas
  • An understanding of how and why these techniques are useful
  • Practical tools to support a positive mindset
  • Training on the benefit and practice of relaxation techniques
  • Support, accountability and community

To buy into anything we need to understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Results of such wellbeing interventions in the workplace are:

Less staff absence

Less long term absence

Less burnout

More confidence

More Connection

More Resilience

Not just benefiting an individual’s working environment, but spreading to all the other areas of their life – home, family and friends.

Get in touch to book a free, introductory, 1 hour wellbeing session for your staff.

Email me at frances@happyhealthyyoga.co.uk

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