Self care is an important part of the healing process.

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Healing through self care may seem reductive, but from a trauma informed approach it is an important part of the work that we need to do to regulate the nervous system and practice feeling safe. Self care is an important part of the healing process.

We can map the nervous system, building awareness of what causes us to shift into a stress response but we then need to “do the work” to practice shifting back into a state where we feel calm, safe, present and connected as appropriate.

Healing is recognising nervous system state and bringing intention to shift yourself back to connection and safety.

Caroline Strawson

That “work” is the process of reparenting ourselves, literally treating ourself like a loved one – taking care of our self, showing compassion for our self. We can do that through regular, simple acts of self care.

I talk to my clients about approaching this like you are taking care of a child – putting them to bed at a reasonable time, getting them to eat their vegetables, making sure they get fresh air and enough exercise. All simple acts of care.

We can identify those things that help us to feel safe, relaxed and calm and start to build them into our daily lives.

“We have a profound sensitivity to features of safety and exposure to these can foster resilience.”

(Porges, Stephen. W, The Polyvagal Theory)

The thing is that these simple acts of self care are the mundane things – the bread and butter of every day life. Often it can be more appealing to imagine that there is some grand, quick fix for our suffering, if only we could find it.

But these are the very simple and seemingly mundane actions that reinforce the belief that we are safe and worthy.

The seemingly simple and small actions of self care, when practised regularly, compound to have a powerful effect over time that cannot be discounted as an essential part of the healing process.

Self Care = Cues of Safety + Empowering = Healing

Calmer You is an 8 module, 1:1 coaching programme where we work together to map your nervous system and come up with a personalised action plan for the actions of self care that will make you feel safe, calm, present and connected as well as increasing your sense of self worth. We will shine a light on any barriers that might be holding you back from doing the things that you know support your wellbeing. Self Care is an important part of the healing process – if you need support to start doing the things that you KNOW make you feel better, then get in touch to book a call with me.

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