This is for all the over thinkers…

This is for all of the overthinkers….

Perhaps you pride yourself on being able to get sh*t done. You might have or have had a stressful job that you were good at. 

Maybe you have noticed that it is hard to switch off from that state? It is easier, once you have finished work, to keep on doing until you are exhausted and you collapse with a glass of wine on the sofa. Or maybe you just keep working? The lines are so blurred now between work and home we can easily be answering emails until we go to bed.

And in some ways all this serves you very well – you juggle family and friends and work. You are reliable and consistent and you don’t let anyone down. Except……. Yourself, right? Being reliable and consistent and turning up for yourself isn’t on the agenda. There just isn’t enough space for that with all the other stuff going on.

You know exactly what you should be doing. You even do all the research into it – you read articles, follow all the right accounts on social media. You soak up snippets of advice from instagram and Facebook. You buy books that you don’t have time to read on how to look after yourself. You are well aware of the newest fix that everyone is talking about.

So why do you still feel uncomfortable in your body and unsettled in your mind?

Because you find it unbearable to take the time to stop doing for others. It is way outside of your comfort zone now. You are much more comfortable working, or fixing, helping and improving. 

So it is going to feel really uncomfortable to stop. To take time for yourself. You are going to meet with resistance from your mind every time you try. 

There will always be something else you could be doing.
There will NEVER not be something else you could be doing right now.

The to-do list never comes to an end. There is always more.

You will have to break the cycle. You wont stop and take time to look after yourself after everything else is done because it will never happen. You have to start looking after yourself right now. And I will say that again, you have to start looking after yourself right now. Because no-one else is going to do it for you.

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